#CurhatbukualaVF: “Sunset & Rosie” by Tere Liye, My Unfinished Reading Novel

Have you ever read a novel but it is not finished?

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I have. This novel is one of them. Sunset and Rosie is one of the best seller novel by Tere Liye. The story mainly focused on Tegar who fall in love with his best friend, Rosie for a long time but unfortunately, Rosie married with other man. The truth is both of them ever love each other. In this novel, we are going to see so many ups and downs in his journey, especially in his love.

In the beginning, I love reading it, starting with his love toward the woman he loves for many years but never have a good timing to confess it and while He already prepared everything to confess, It is too late. His friend confess it first to Rosie. He is so sad and desperate and decide to disappear from his friend and his best friend, Rosie for many years.

This novel is not only talking about love but also talking about life journey, learn to forgiveness, and learn to move on. The story line is good as well. Like other Tere Liye masterpiece, there is always moral value in this novel.

But, after reading until the half of novel, I started not too interesting to continue reading it. Because, I can guess the ending of this novel and ending spoiler from my friend makes me already know the end. The main problem I have not finished reading it because I am not the one who loves reading love-romance books. Love, romance, or any kinds of this genre are not my taste. I prefer reading motivational book to love-genre book.

For those who loves reading love-romance journey books, I recommend you to read this one. You gonna love it.

2 thoughts on “#CurhatbukualaVF: “Sunset & Rosie” by Tere Liye, My Unfinished Reading Novel

  1. diskucca says:

    Aku sudah baca ini sejak judulnya masih Sunset Bersama Rosie, sekitar tiga tahun lalu, dan ini menjadi satu dari sekian banyak novel yang selalu kusuka. Terlebih, nobelnya membuatku pengin berkunjung ke Rinjani. 😹

    Seandainya temanmu tidak memberi spoiler, mungkin buku ini setidak-tidaknya bisa kau selesaikan. Karena sebtulnya, meski kamu sudah tahu endingnya, ada bagian-bagian tertentu di akhir yang β€˜manis’ sekali, terutama hubungan antara Tegar Karang dan anak-anak Rosie


    • vfbyme says:

      Bener kah? Saya cuma baca ampe setengah novelnya dan cb liat halaman terakhirnya aja. Nanti kalau mood telah kembali, saya coba baca lagi deh. Terima kasih sarannya 😊😊


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